Hospitality Consulting

Sear Hospitality offers an extensive range of services to assist developers, investors and hotel management clients in the hospitality industry to meet their financial expectations, maximise profits whilst ensuring exceptional customer service outcomes and providing positive work environments.Resources can be allocated to meet the individual needs of each client in the most cost effective manner and be tailored specifically for each project or operational requirement.

Hospitality consulting services include:

Hotel and hospitality industry board appointments
To provide valuable knowledge and experience so that the board are able to make more informed decisions. The outcome being that by improving the company’s operations, the board can provide greater prosperity to shareholders and stakeholders.

Project development and planning
Review and advise on project conceptualised development and operational concepts for hotels/resorts, conference centre’s, food and beverage outlets, day spas and other facilities. Offer advisory services on design, product and strategic planning. Provide financial review and return on investments, analysis reports and recommendations.

Feasibility studies
Provide market analysis and financial studies assessing opportunities, market conditions and trends. Research targeted areas in Australia and New Zealand for potential hotel development sites.

Performance analysis
By preparing operational and organisational reviews we can assist our clients to maximise productivity and profit performance. We appraise, evaluate and report on operational techniques, leadership strategies and management performance to ensure each property achieves it’s full potential and optimum asset value.

Brand management affiliation
Review international and domestic hotel operator options and brand alternatives to meet the needs of a specific property. Evaluate each property’s characteristic that can determine the most appropriate chain affiliation. Assist in securing branding and marketing alliances. Co-ordinate contract negotiation for management or franchise agreements.

Profit improvement assessment
Analyse existing operational methodology and practices to achieve improvements in management efficiency. Initiate revenue generation programs and profit engineering to improve bottom line performance.

Due diligence
We provide participation in due diligence teams to advise specifically on hotel operations, manpower and related issues.

Hotel openings/interim management and takeovers
We provide short and medium term executive interim management services. Develop takeover strategies with comprehensive planning designed to improve operational viability. Develop pre-opening operational, marketing plans and budget for both property takeovers and new hotel developments.

Technical services agreement
For properties under development, we work hand-in-hand with the owners/investors in developing action plans that lead to a successful and sustainable operation. A comprehensive turn-key solution is available from initial property design, space planning and facilities brief through to pre-opening operations, sales and marketing planning and property opening.

Day spa management
We can assist with the development and implementation of unique day spa facilities by providing the right expertise up-front. Assisting clients to plan strategically, build efficiently and operate intuitively – maximising quality and profits without sacrificing service standards.